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周边清洁 - 适合你吗?

Mitch Bruger • Mar 17, 2017

Perimeter Cleaning - 商业清洁 WHY THE PERIMETER?


Most businesses when contacting Advanced 商业清洁 are usually focused on the internal cleaning of a site. This usually covers areas such as floors, walls, bathroom amenities and areas of high traffic. While these are essential areas of need, if the outside of a building and the car park is untidy, unkept or covered in debris – people are going to avoid the place. And even if the only people at your business are employees – there is nothing worse than pulling up to a sad shabby-looking workplace: staff morale can take a dive.





No one likes to work, socialise, shop or live in a dirty place. This is where taking a whole of view approach to the commercial cleaning needs of a business is integral and one view that the Advanced 商业清洁 division adopts. If the cleanliness of your business is important to you, contact The Advanced Group 商业清洁 division on 1300 66 2345。我们随时为您提供帮助。

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作者 Mitch Bruger 2023 年 1 月 13 日
Smoko the BBQ Ute
作者 Mitch Bruger 04 2021 年 8 月
'The difference between a good installation and a great installation comes down to simple attention to detail, that's where we excel...' Edward Klimowicz CEO, The Advanced Group 
作者 Mitch Bruger 别错过ob体育直播下载(2023趋势信息)
Taking care means a lot... It's a simple sounding concept but when examined more deeply, it speaks volumes about where Austalians find themselves today more than ever before. The phrase itself has been our company mantra for many years now and stems from an inate service focussed outlook which we have fostered right from the very beginning back in the 80s. How does this relate to your job or business and getting back on your feet? Read further below...
作者 Mitch Bruger 2020 年 9 月 10 日
Today the Advanced Group has premiered its signature scent, a fragrance that epitomizes the freshness, dynamism and robustness of the Advanced brand. This scent will be utilized and deployed across a variety of applications, including in all existing client sites of the Advanced Cleaning division.  The scent has been designed to not only reflect the ethos of the Advanced brand, but provide a fragrance that is crisp and enlightening. We spent many hours testing and sampling a variety of scents and notes to create a feeling of cleanliness that will invigorate your mood and leave a lasting impression.
作者 Mitch Bruger 29 2020 年 6 月
Strange times indeed are upon us and the need for better hygiene has never been more evident than it is today. Cleaning traditionally was viewed as a mundane routine and ongoing service, which was usually only ever noticed when it was not done properly. Advanced Cleaning, like many other commercial cleaning service providers, have been providing a range of quality cleaning services throughout Australia. Since the Covid19 pandemic emerged around the globe, we have seen some considerable changes to how critical it is to maintain consistent hygiene overall. Commercial premises and the additional risks associated with higher levels of human movement traffic are most at risk of communal spread of the virus.
Graphic of coronavirus
作者 Mitch Bruger 20 2020 年 3 月
Cleaning to minimise the spread of Coronavirus
Environmental fencing
作者 Mitch Bruger 20 2018 年 11 月
Environmentally sensitive areas, creeks and rivers around civil works sites are most at risk during a rain event. Potential contaminants suspended in the storm water as a result of the civil works create this risk.
作者 Mitch Bruger 03 2017 年 2 月
Compliant silt fence, sediment and erosion control devices are important. It is also important that they’re now in place and correctly installed with the wet season currently underway. Correct installation of quality sediment control devices prevents silt, soil and other debris from construction sites and the like running into our local waterways. If that isn’t enough of a motivation, failing to install a compliant erosion control device can result in an on the spot fine. These fines have increased to just under a staggering $10,000 – especially for repeat offences*.
作者 Mitch Bruger 18 2016 年 5 月
With experience in large-scale events such as the City 2 Surf, beachside sporting events and music festivals, complex event projects don’t pose a problem for our 官方指定23年Ob体育官方在线下载(2023趋势新闻) team!
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