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The new landscape of Hygiene – 别错过ob体育比赛(2023趋势信息)

Mitch Bruger • Jun 29, 2020

How long does the contagion last on surfaces?

Some surfaces are less at risk than others depending on the amount of human contact and the material of which the surface consists. In high traffic areas, the infection risk is obviously increased, but the type of surface governs the duration of which the contagion is detectable on various surfaces.

  • Paper - up to 30 minutes
  • Tissue paper - up to 30 minutes
  • Wood - up to a day
  • Cloth - up to a day
  • Glass - up to two days
  • Banknotes - up to two days
  • Stainless steel - up to four days
  • Plastic - up to four days

Therefore, keeping surfaces clean and hygienic is a crucial ongoing task that must be upheld if we are to remain ahead of the curve in terms of contagion spread. This is the new norm and it is something we as a society will need to get used to.

We’re adapting to minimise the spread

Advanced Cleaning has been leading the way for years in terms of our methodologies, training, technologies and our cleaning products.

Adapting to change and progress has always been an integral part of the Advanced Cleaning innovation program. Now it is even more important as we aim to ensure the spread of Covid19 is at least mitigated and at best removed in our clients’ premises.

Responsibilities of cleanliness and hygiene rest with the management of business premises for the most part. Owners of premises and their administrative chain of command are therefore in the firing line of health department enforcement if things go awry.

This is why it’s critical to rely on experts in their field such as Advanced Cleaning to ensure you have covered your duty of care to provide a safe and clean environment for your customers.

Organise a walkthrough appointment for your business

Even if you are happy with your current cleaners, there has never been a better time to explore what other options you might have to ensure your premises remain open and safe to the public.

Call our friendly team today on 1300 66 2345 to make an appointment for a walkthrough.

There is no obligation to take any action, just an opportunity for you to become a little further ahead in the fight against potential Covid19 spread in your premises.

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