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Ensure the effective installation of temporary koala friendly fencing or koala exclusion fencing around your property or project site with the range of options available from The Advanced Group’s expert teams.

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A functional fencing installation is a must-have for most properties and project sites. If present in the local area, the protection and minimised risk to native wildlife such as koalas needs to be considered across all manner of constructions especially roadways. At The Advanced Group, we offer a wide range of fauna fencing solutions and specialise in providing temporary koala fencing that is able to be installed to address a range of required applications.

Whether you’re in need of short-term koala exclusion fencing options to prevent the local population from wandering onto a busy roadway or koala friendly fencing to allow the animals to move unimpeded through sections of a property or project site, we have the expertise to help you and our furry friends out. Our temporary koala fencing comes in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes, with tailored options available to suit any budget and installation specification. You can rely on our team to provide the best recommendations, products, and services to ensure you receive an effective, functional, and fully-compliant koala fencing package. 

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Safeguard the future of our native wildlife with a temporary koala fencing system from the Advanced Group

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别错过ob体育下载安装(2023趋势新闻): Helping to protect the future of our native species

Koala numbers in Australia have shown a steady decline around South East Queensland and many other areas of Australia. Their habitat has been continually competing with the growing human population with the recent impacts of bushfires only serving to further worsen the situation for these lovable creatures.

In 2016, the Qld Government appointed a panel of experts to address the decline and establish targets for Koala conservation. One of the outcomes has been the formation of 

the new koala conservation planning framework.

In order to do our part to assist with the protection of the remaining koala population into the future, we have placed a large emphasis on the provision of effective high-quality temporary koala fencing products. We always aim to work closely with our clients to ensure their koala fencing systems are properly installed and meet the required expectations in relation to providing effective long-lasting wildlife protection.

A comprehensive range of wildlife and fauna fencing

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We provide a range of wildlife and fauna fencing solutions that are suitable for all manner of projects. Whether you’re looking to set-up a protection or exclusion area for koalas, kangaroos, frogs, or even crabs, we have the skilled team and product range to ensure the installation of a functional and effective fencing system.


Our team can supply and install frog proof fencing across a range of properties and project sites to ensure endangered frog habitats remain intact and the remaining population aren’t exposed to the danger presented by construction sites and roadways.

Koala Fencing

Providing quality temporary koala fencing across south east Queensland

The Advanced Group pride ourselves on being a nation-wide company that provides our extensive service range across Australia. For clients in need of temporary koala fencing, our services can be made readily available across South East Queensland to areas that include Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba. If you’re unsure whether our team can service your location, simply get in touch with your project or event details and we’ll advise if we can accommodate you. 

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To ensure a fully functioning koala fencing system on your property or project site, speak to a member of our team today. Whether you are in the market for temporary koala friendly fencing or koala exclusion fencing, we have the product range to accommodate you and tailor a package to suit your needs and budget. Contact us by simply giving us a call or completing our online enquiry form.

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